2CC Local Content

1206 2CC produces a high level of local content, providing a talkback format for the Canberra market, which is above the level required under the Broadcasting Services Act. Our commitment to localism is shown by the number of local news and talkback programs we provide for the Canberra market.

  • 32.5 hours of locally produced programming is provided Monday to Friday
  • 12 hours of locally produced programming is provided on the weekend.
  • In addition, our local newsroom provides half-hourly bulletins for the Canberra market in breakfast and then hourly till 6pm Mon-Fri. Our newsroom provides weekend news on the half-hour from 6am till Noon each Saturday & Sunday.

These programs provide the Canberra community with news, information and talkback for the A.C.T. with local programming highlighted in red.