ACT Government Expands NSW Travel Zone


Canberrans will be able to travel to more parts of regional New South Wales under changes being brought in at midday. after the ACT Government has expanded the number of postcodes Canberrans can travel to without the need for quarantine.

The full list of additional postcodes is below:

The ACT Government will further assess travel arrangements for ACT residents when the next stage of the Pathway Forward is due to implemented.

“As we have seen throughout this pandemic, travel restrictions are temporary. As more people get fully vaccinated in regional NSW and the ACT, Canberrans can expect that travel restrictions will be relaxed further,” Chief Minister Barr said.

“This is a balancing act. Canberrans didn’t go through nine weeks of lockdown only to see a spike in cases. That’s why we are implementing a gradual easing of restrictions, and the same goes for our travel requirements for returning ACT residents.”

The ACT Government is aligning restrictions with NSW where possible to ease some of challenges associated with cross border travel.

“The ACT and NSW are just a few weeks away from very high levels of full vaccination. But we’re not quite there yet, and our public health officials remain concerned about increasing case numbers in some parts of NSW,” Minister Stephen-Smith said.

“ACT residents travelling in NSW will need to abide by the public health directions in that state. That includes the need to be fully vaccinated.”

“If Canberrans decide to visit family and friends in the surrounding region, we ask that they be vigilant in observing COVID safe behaviours. This includes wearing a mask, maintaining physical distancing and checking exposure sites in the region they are travelling to – including after they return to the ACT.”