Tuesday, October 27, 2020
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General Terms and Conditions for the 2CC Trading Post

- You must be 18 years of age.
- You agree to the 2CC Privacy Policy and Terms of Use
- Any posts you submit to 2CC are solely your responsibility, including any consequences or liability.
- At any time for any reason, 2CC may remove any or all of your submissions without notice.
- Be sensible. You must not violate Australian Law or act unlawfully. This includes slander, discrimination, inappropriate language or description.
- Location: Your item must be available within the general Canberra/ACT region. No overseas posts.
- Access: Your ad must be written in English and required fields are encouraged to ensure helpful information is provided.
- Description: Your ad must describe the individual item/s. You must not link to any external websites.

Items not allowed

- Alcoholic Beverages
- Blood, Bodily Fluids and Body Parts
- Burglary Tools
- Counterfeit Products, replicas or knock-off brand name goods
- Electronic Surveillance Equipment
- Embargoed Goods
- Endangered or protected species, or any part of any endangered or protected species
- Escort services that offer or indicate sexual services
- Fireworks, Destructive Devices and Explosives
- Government and Transit Badges, Uniforms, IDs, Documents and Licenses
- Hazardous Materials including but not limited to radioactive, toxic and explosive materials
- Identity Documents, Personal Financial Records & Personal Information
- Illegal Drugs, controlled substances, substances and items used to manufacture controlled substances and drugs, & drug paraphernalia
- Illegal items and services
- Illegal telecommunication and electronics equipment such as access cards, password sniffers, radar scanners, traffic signal control devices or cable descrambler
- Items issued to any Armed Force that have not been disposed of in accordance with that country's demilitarization policies
- Items which encourage or facilitate illegal activity
- Lottery Tickets, Sweepstakes Entries and Slot Machines
- Material that is obscene, pornographic, adult in nature, or harmful to minors
- Material that infringes copyright, including but not limited to software or other digital goods which you are not authorized to sell
- New merchandise or services from network marketing companies, work-from-home, independent franchisees or distributors, or similar representatives
- Personal information or mailing lists.We do not accept the sale of bulk email, Internet Protocol (IP), Instant Messenger (IM), or mailing lists that contain names, addresses, phone numbers, or other personal identifying information. Any tools or software designed predominantly to send unsolicited commercial messages (UCE or "spam") are also not permitted.
- Selling or offering services for supplements/medicine general or pharmaceutical
- Nonprescription drugs, drugs that make false or misleading treatment claims, or treatment claims that require therapeutic goods administration "TGA" approval
- Offensive material
- Pesticides or hazardous materials
- Pictures or images that contain nudity
- Plants and insects that are restricted or regulated
- Prescription drugs and devices
- Prostitution or ads that offer sex, sexual favors or sexual actions in exchange for anything
- Recalled items (for items recalled in Australia, please visit: http://www.recalls.gov.au
- Stocks and Other Securities
- Stolen property
- Tobacco products and related items
- Used cosmetics
- Used or rebuilt batteries or batteries containing mercury
- Adoption or surrogacy
- Weapons and related items (including, but not limited to firearms, firearm accessories, parts and magazines, ammunition, paintball guns, BB and pellet guns, spearguns, tear gas, teasers, stun guns, switchblade knives, martial arts weapons, archery and/or bow and arrow equipment)
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